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i was just listening to anthem of our dying day. awesome song.

wow today was so depressingly mediocre. sat at home, watched part of flight of the phoenix. gamed online with my cousin. got yelled at several times. tomorrow a sophomore that i knew in houston is coming to visit. i dont like thinking about texas on sundays. sigh.

so my grandpa just invented this blue laser that allows for high-def dvds (80 gbs a disk o.0). i talked to him for a little, but he was busy. for the technologically impaired:
24 hours of regular dvd film per disc.

playstation 3 is using them. i cant imagine what they would do with 80 gigs. 80 gigs is my whole harddrive.

bad visibility.

scrabble is pretty fun after hours of tolerating a 9 year old with adhd.

its me. without my face showing, which is good.

audrey. my best friends' older sister who is graduating from berkley. she took all these photos.

the big one is my jerk sister. the little one is the nicer sister
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