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hmm... dont feel like a long update right now. anyway... insane week


now that that's over,

lets see. i volunteered at rachel's class party. fun. then we took the class hamster home. mr gist treats everyone like musically impaired idiots. i dislike him for some reason. then, i volunteered working lunch at del mar and then i was going to walk down to graduation but MY MOM made me sit at home and help her cook 300 pot stickers and then she went to the dance and served them. so i didnt get to go. we could hear all the racket all night long because i live all of two blocks up the hill from del mar. then i was ungrounded (i got grounded, again.) enough to go to mountain view yesterday and hang out with elliott. went to watch batman. alyson wrecked the moped- she managed to shear off most of the left side. she had to watch the movie with paper towels all over her arm+leg+hands and it got stuck and it was gross. batman was good. how is everyone? im going to new york/philly/boston next week. busybusybusy. i just want to do what i did last summer. sleep, eat, and hang out.

oh yes. we are taking care of the class hamster. her name is bear. she is cute and fuzzy. fuzzzzzzy.

one more thing: i have decided that video gaming culture is kind of different from normal people. as i sat at home most of these two weeks playing computer (>.<) i realized that most of these people are immature, 11-16 year old losers who have nothing better to do but tell each other how "noob" they are. and not to mention most of the same people are online all day everyday. anyone read the time article about bill gates' new xbox and gaming culture? yeah i was reading the reader letters about it. i game all the time. am i really that wierd?
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