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new year, new start [16 Aug 2006|06:02pm]
i havent been on LJ for... months...

Hi everyone, I've officially come out of the room that I locked myself inside in June. AP homework, yay!

okay, boring stuff i did this summer:
came back from the family trip that never ended
got yelled at

::dance some more::

rearranged my room this morning, got rid of everything on two walls and stuck in a fat desk. wish i could rearrange my room every week.

how is everyone?

oh yeah
i forgot

i conformed... and got a myspace. add me if you want.
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happy birthday to me lolopotomos [30 Jan 2006|07:41pm]
wow, i really dont check this as much as i should. lots and lots happening nowadays, i cant wait until school is over. im really liking blogger now, although its not as community based as livejournal it has way more features. and, plus, its really, really, not as depressing. whatever.

lets talk about me. i got 2nd place in physical science, my parents are still being undescribably unbearable, english is getting easier, and math is getting harder. uhh i went to laser quest with my cousin and we beat a bunch (with manly laser-pointers, of course)of little girls who wore all white and reflective face-paint in a black-lighted arena. there were also like three 40-year olds who were not part of the girl party who have no life and play laser tag for fun. mom said no to my airsoft rifle for the kajillionth time, and i got more immature, slightly less profound, and twice as sarcastic.

yall should check out blogger (and the new congress watch blog). congress watch blog is seriously the best idea to get into college ive ever thought of. www.blogger.com.

umm emily thanks for calling me. happy birthday to me too. XP

85% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
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OMG [22 Jan 2006|07:28pm]

"Annoying" people on the internet without disclosing your true identity is illegal? you can get arrested for up to two years for it. basically you can flame people if you tell them your name.
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New Album! Get it or be square. [15 Nov 2005|08:55pm]
[ mood | eh. ]

Mike Shinoda - Group: Fort Minor - Album: The Rising Tied

"my father came from japan in 1905
he was 15 when he immigrated from japan; he worked until he was able to buy this flat and he built a store."
let me tell you a story in the form of a dream
i dont know why i have to tell it but i know what it means
close your eyes just picture the scene
as i paint it for you
it was world war two when this man named kenji woke up
ken was not a soldier he was just a man with a family who owned a store in LA
that day
he crawled outta bed like he always did
bacon and eggs with wife and kids
he lived on the second floor of a little store he ran
he moved to LA from japan
they called him immigrant; in japanese
he'd say he was called issay
that meant first generation in the united states when
everybody was afraid of the germans afraid of the japs
but most of all afraid of a homeland attack
and that morning when ken went out onto the doormat his world went black cus

right there
front page news
three weeks before 1942
pearl harbor's been bombed and the japs are comin'
pictures of soldiers die'n and runnin'
ken knew what it would mean too
just like he guessed
the president said
the evil japanese in our home country will be locked away
they gave ken a couple of days
to get his whole life packed in two bags
just two bags: he couldnt even pack his clothes
some folks didnt even have a suitcase
to pack anything in so two trashbags
is all they gave them
and when the kids asked 'mom, where are we goin'
nobody even knew what to say to them
ken didnt want to lie
he said the US is lookin for spies
so we have to live in a place called mandanar
the alot of japanese people are
stop it; dont look at the guards
you dont want to get the soldiers wondrin
think about if youre gonna run or not
cus if you run you might get shot
other than that dont try to think about it
try not to worry about it being so crowded
because someday we'll get out
someday, someday

"As soon as the war broke out the GI came and they just come through the house and you have to come. All the japanese have to go. They took Mr. Ni and people could not understand why did they have to take him because he was just innocent laborer."
now theyre in a town with soldiers surroundin them
every day every night look down at them
from watch towers up on the wall
ken really couldnt hate them at all
they were just doin their job 'n'
he wasnt gonna make any problems
he had a little garden with little vegetables and fruits
that he gave to the troops in basket that his wife made
but in the back of his mind he wanted his family's life saved
prisoners of war in their own damn country; what for?
as time passed in that prison town
he wondered if he'd live it down
if and when they were free
the only way out was joinin the army and supposedly
some men went out for the army, signed on,
and ended up flyin to japan with a bomb
that 15 kiloton blast
put an end to the war pretty fast
two cities were blown to bits
the end of the war came quick

ken got out--
big hopes of a normal life for his kids and his wife but
then they got back to their home 'n
what they saw made them feel so alone
these people had trashed every room
smashed in the windows and bashed in the doors
they had written on the walls and the floor
and kenji dropped both of his bags at his sides and just stood outside he
looked at his wife without words they say
she looked back at him, wiped the tears away
he said someday we'll be okay; someday
now the names have been changed but the story's true
my family was locked up back in '42
my family was there: it was dark and damp
and they called it an internment camp

"When we first got back from camp it was... pretty bad."

"I remember my husband said 'we gonna see till last' then my husband died before they closed the camp."

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[08 Sep 2005|10:45pm]
[ mood | nyeh. ]

okay, so we get home after violin and ashley is like having a pissy time because i stuck some of my books in her rolling backpack so i could carry dinner up TWO BLOCKS to our house. she gets pissed when we get there and after i open the door and take off my shoes she throws my books on the sidewalk and tells me to go pick it up because she doesnt want to carry it anymore. i tell her to pick it up before she comes in and she stands in the doorway and says no and i tell her i should have locked her outside. she gets pissed and slams the front door into a piece of expensive furniture. long story short, dad takes away $50 from ME because i pissed off ashley during her period and he doesnt want to listen to her dispute everything i say. my dad is a fucking asshole. so is my mom. and my sister. and rachel tries too hard to be fair.
i hate my fucking family. i dont understand why they fight over everything except me. and now im just being depressed because i skipped dinner. i wish i had an ipod nano. i wish i had a million bucks. i wish i coud feel like a million bucks. i wish life was simpler than it will become. i wish i could be grateful instead of wanting more.

this has travelled through copper wires, fiber optics and to your computer.
this is me, a transfer of neural synapses to data on a computer chip, sent into the void, condensed to a stream of electrons travelling at relativistic speeds, simplified and aesthetically rearranged into a bunch of pixels on your screen.

roxanne you shouldve told me death cab has a new album. i thought they stopped recording.

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[06 Sep 2005|09:28pm]
[insert interesting story here] okay, so there was a fire during sixth period today. we lost our hockey game because the goaly on the other team found the fire and class ended. that sucked. i realized today that the fire is probably the most exciting thing to happen at redwood for months. and also that the only way a fire could start around here is if someone was being a dumbass and smoking in the dry brush. to that genius, i salute you.

lp forever! uhh, and mike shinoda too.
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[04 Sep 2005|12:34pm]
[ mood | cold :P ]

hey if anyone is going to go to the parade in downtown tiburon this afternoon, stop by cala bell to buy some cookies. my sister and her friend are selling a lot of cookies for the red cross for the katrina victims. i have to babysit them for two hours. yay.

i hate my room. i have to heat it with a computer because mom is militantly against high heating bills.

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[18 Jun 2005|09:26pm]
[ mood | *blink*stare*blink* ]

hmm... dont feel like a long update right now. anyway... insane week


now that that's over,

lets see. i volunteered at rachel's class party. fun. then we took the class hamster home. mr gist treats everyone like musically impaired idiots. i dislike him for some reason. then, i volunteered working lunch at del mar and then i was going to walk down to graduation but MY MOM made me sit at home and help her cook 300 pot stickers and then she went to the dance and served them. so i didnt get to go. we could hear all the racket all night long because i live all of two blocks up the hill from del mar. then i was ungrounded (i got grounded, again.) enough to go to mountain view yesterday and hang out with elliott. went to watch batman. alyson wrecked the moped- she managed to shear off most of the left side. she had to watch the movie with paper towels all over her arm+leg+hands and it got stuck and it was gross. batman was good. how is everyone? im going to new york/philly/boston next week. busybusybusy. i just want to do what i did last summer. sleep, eat, and hang out.

oh yes. we are taking care of the class hamster. her name is bear. she is cute and fuzzy. fuzzzzzzy.

one more thing: i have decided that video gaming culture is kind of different from normal people. as i sat at home most of these two weeks playing computer (>.<) i realized that most of these people are immature, 11-16 year old losers who have nothing better to do but tell each other how "noob" they are. and not to mention most of the same people are online all day everyday. anyone read the time article about bill gates' new xbox and gaming culture? yeah i was reading the reader letters about it. i game all the time. am i really that wierd?

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[07 Jun 2005|10:49pm]
[ mood | busy.writers block.brainmush. ]

(1)if tuna is the chicken of the sea,
then is chicken tuna of the land? discuss.

(2)how about tuna of the sea? chicken of the land? tuna of the farm?

i am so fucked. i cant finish the third page of my two page essay. i have a whole page to go. i have to write it tomorrow morning before 2nd per. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

everyone should go to newgrounds and watch "there she is" and "there she is 2". funny. japanese. [evil obsessive]love. bunnys. cats. jpop.


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[06 Jun 2005|10:11pm]
[ mood | i just realized im shaking ]

holy fuckin A. woooooooooh yall dont know what its like to be jacked up on caffeine. im freaking out. my head hurts. blood rushing everywhere. i have almost 100 heart rate, resting. i promise to talk to you once finals are over about why i dont post i need to go to bed before mom gets suspicious. i cant talk slowly. hyperdrive. yay. atkins sucks. ms silkworth sucks she gave me a zero on my final. fuck you ms silkworth FUCK YOU. GOODNIGHT PEACE

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[09 Apr 2005|08:37pm]
[ mood | fevers suck. ]

that there is my genius grandfather who has invented many kinds of lasers and gets no money for it. you guys probably werent paying attention but i talked about him earlier. he is seriously cool. that hd-dvd is to be used for playstation 3.

saw sin city. i was being antisocial. i wents to the discovery museum and a tight picnic in piper park w/sara/amy/jason. 'twas cool. i have a fever. going to drive to tahoe@4 am, snowboard 2 half-days, drive back, dads working tuesday, drive to LA tuesday night to see grandparents. drive back late friday night, go to violin on saturday. i have allergies, and a fever and i am taking nighquil. this week is gonna suck.

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[02 Apr 2005|06:33pm]
woah. so my best friends mary (freshman) and jj (7th grade) were here because they went to china and their flight to houston is tomorrow. went over to their grandma's house and hung out. saw their uncle and aunt, uncle roy and auntie norma, for the first time in two years- hes the one that burned down his house deepfrying tatertots in the garage. yay.

im going to watch garden state now because my mom wants me to finish it so she can rent another movie for herself.
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[13 Mar 2005|09:02pm]
i was just listening to anthem of our dying day. awesome song.

wow today was so depressingly mediocre. sat at home, watched part of flight of the phoenix. gamed online with my cousin. got yelled at several times. tomorrow a sophomore that i knew in houston is coming to visit. i dont like thinking about texas on sundays. sigh.

so my grandpa just invented this blue laser that allows for high-def dvds (80 gbs a disk o.0). i talked to him for a little, but he was busy. for the technologically impaired:
24 hours of regular dvd film per disc.

playstation 3 is using them. i cant imagine what they would do with 80 gigs. 80 gigs is my whole harddrive.

random pix from tahoe:Collapse )
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[25 Jan 2005|09:15pm]

How much do you love your country?

comment, and maybe ill add you.
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